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Terrazo Inspired Design




Neolith Retrostone is an eye-catching expression of the beauty and intricacy found in natural stone. It captures the essence of terrazzo, creating an aesthetic that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

Sample Price $3.50



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  • Retrostone presents a vibrant blend of neutral tones interspersed with multicolored fragments. The base is a warm, creamy beige, reminiscent of freshly baked bread or sun-bleached sand. This is contrasted by an array of colorful specks ranging from earthy browns and blacks to lively greens and blues. The overall effect is akin to looking at a pebbled beach or a mosaic masterpiece, where each piece contributes to the creation of a captivating whole.

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    Slab Thickness

    12mm, 6mm

    Slab Finishes


    Inspired by the Traditional Terrazzo

    Retrostone 6mm and 12mm Silk

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    Thanks to the design, format and physical-mechanical characteristics, this type of product results ideal for limitless indoors and outdoors applications in the commercial and residential area: countertops, flooring, cladding, façades, furniture. Neolith has over 50 different designs available in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and textures.

    Imagination is the only limitation.

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    Our inventory consists of many different types of natural stone including marble, limestone, quartz, travertine, granite, porcelain, and onyx. Most of our materials are available in both slabs and tiles. Here in our 2.5-acre slab yard, we carry over 500 different types of stone including over 50 different exotics. We pride ourselves on personal customer service and top-quality products. We are consistently working on creating new innovative ideas, trend-setting materials, and cutting edge designs.

    We pride ourselves on personal customer service and top-quality products. Not finding what you need? Please call us today for direct assistance.


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