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Pierre Bleue

Limestone Tile

Pierre Bleue 12 X 36

Pierre Bleue 12 X 36

The Pierre Bleue Limestone Tile, with its generous 12″ X 36″ dimensions, is a canvas showcasing the splendid artistry of nature. It captures the spirit of an ancient European castle and brings it into the contemporary home with style and grace.

Its dominant color is a sophisticated, smoky blue-gray that evokes the cool shadows of a forest canopy or the depths of a tranquil lake. The color composition is not static but displays subtle variations, with areas of lighter gray fading into patches of deeper blue, creating a captivating visual journey for the eyes.


When light hits the Irish Bluestone Limestone Tile, it gleams with a muted sheen that accentuates its colors and textures. In the right lighting, the tile can even take on a slightly metallic quality, adding another layer of complexity to its appearance.

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Tile Size

12" X 24"

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