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Moca Creme Lava 24 x 48

Limestone Tile

Moca Creme 4m Lava 24 x 48

Moca Creme 4m Lava 24 x 48

Introducing our Moca Creme Limestone with an extraordinary Lava Finish – a manifestation of nature’s raw beauty combined with innovative design techniques. This novel finish is set to redefine the boundaries of architectural aesthetics.

The Moca Creme Limestone, known for its creamy beige tonality and unique parallel vein patterns, has been given a dramatic makeover with our new Lava Finish. The stone’s naturally warm hues are deepened, offering a rich palette that exudes an earthy charm and a sense of serene luxury.


Moca Creme can be special ordered in custom sizes and finishes, please inquire with your sales associate.

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Tile Size

24" X 48"

Tile Finishes


Moca Creme Limestone Patio
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