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Naturali Collection




The distinguishing trait of the I Naturali series is soil. A substance which on the one hand recalls all things primordial and on the other the possibility of being plied. As a result, the slab made from the ceramic lends unique value to the settings it clads.

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  • A new canon of beauty, elegance, and solemnity transposed to large-sized ceramic slabs, which are immune to the passing of time and define a new aesthetic paradigm.

    Additional information

    Slab Size

    63" X 127"

    Slab Thickness

    5mm, 12mm, 20mm

    Slab Finishes

    Bocciardata (Bush-hammered), Lucidato (Polished), Matte

    Book-match Option


    F1 Face

    F2 Face

    F3 Face

    Product Safety Data and Fabrication

    Laminam launches limited transferrable 25-year residential warranty in Canada and USA

    Cleaning, Use and Maintenance

    Thassos Thasos Marble Stone Tile Ollin Stone


    Our inventory consists of many different types of natural stone including marble, limestone, quartz, travertine, granite, porcelain, and onyx. Most of our materials are available in both slabs and tiles. Here in our 2.5-acre slab yard, we carry over 500 different types of stone including over 50 different exotics. We pride ourselves on personal customer service and top-quality products. We are consistently working on creating new innovative ideas, trend-setting materials, and cutting edge designs.

    We pride ourselves on personal customer service and top-quality products. Not finding what you need? Please call us today for direct assistance.


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