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  • Amazzonite Cristallo Polished

    Amazzonite Cristallo Polished is a mesmerizing stone with an aesthetic mix of lush greens, delicate pinks and purples, and calming earth tones. Its colors come together to create a captivating look that will add beauty wherever it's placed. [spb_section spb_section_id="823761" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Baccarat


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    Baccarat Quartzite is a breathtakingly beautiful stone that captures the imagination with its captivating range of luminescent hues and artfully winding veins. Its spellbinding appeal commands attention - one almost can't help but gape in awe at this extraordinary sight!
  • Chamonix

    Quartzite is a beautiful metamorphic rock born from the transformative power of nature. This impressive mineral begins as humble sandstone and, under immense pressure from deep within Earth's crust, transforms into an awe-inspiring gem.
  • diamond black, black quartzite, diamond black quartzite, quartzite slab,

    Diamond Black

    Nature has forged a breathtaking process to create Diamond Black quartzite. Sandstone, subjected to immense pressure deep within the earth's crust is transformed into an exquisite metamorphic rock - diamond black in its shimmering beauty!
  • Incognitus Quartzite

    Incognitus Quartzite is a dazzling gem that stands out from the rest. Captivating in its unique rosy hues, this luxurious stone's beauty isn't diminished by dark veins delicately intertwining across the surface, but rather enhanced with patches of white quartz for an elegant touch. Its 2CM Quartzite slabs come polished or custom finished - perfect to elevate your design vision!
  • The captivating allure of Jadore Quartzite, with its deep, rich colors and mesmerizing depth. Marvel at the stunning layers that form a natural masterpiece, ready to transform any space into a work of art.

    Jadore Quartzite

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    Jadore Quartzite is a captivating stone, with its intricate pattern and contrasting greens illuminating the depths of Earth’s beauty. The light that manages to weave through this stunning canvas creates a mesmerizing effect that will leave you in awe.
  • Experience the pinnacle of elegance with Le Blanc Quartzite. Boasting smooth, creamy tones, this stone exudes luxury and refinement.

    Leblanc Quartzite

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    Discover the unparalleled elegance of Le Blanc Quartzite. With its smooth texture and refined creamy tones, this natural stone exudes timeless sophistication and elevated style. Transform any space into a statement of class with Le Blanc Quartzite.   [spb_section spb_section_id="823761" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Patagonia Green Extra

    Patagonia Green Extra

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    Not just any Quartzite - its emerald green color radiates with a mysterious atmosphere, inviting your eye to explore the subtle depths of this precious stone. Its luxury 2 cm thickness provides an elegant finish for all projects; it truly is no ordinary work of art.
  • Pink Amethyst Quartzite Slab

    Pink Amethyst

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    Pink Amethyst quartzite is a breathtaking sight that captivates with its harmonious blend of soft, delicate hues. Its translucent nature makes it ideal for backlit applications - so even in subdued light you can still bask in the glory and beauty of this transcendent stone.
  • Pink Cristallo Quartzite

    Pink Cristallo Quartzite is truly a gem to behold. Its captivating rosy hue contrasts magnificently with its dramatic dark veins, providing the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication. Each 2CM slab has been expertly polished to perfection. Custom finishes are offered upon request for those who seek something even more outstanding.
  • Sequoia Quartzite Slab


    This beautiful, rare Sequoia Quartzite is the epitome of luxury and grace. Its delightful rosy hue is enhanced by unique dark veins that form intricate patterns across its surface, complemented with patches of white quartz for a look of elegant sophistication. For an exquisite finish, 2CM slabs are polished to perfection - custom finishes available upon request!
  • Silver Shadow Quartzite

    Silver Shadow

    Silver Shadow Quartzite is truly a sight to behold - its luxuriousness and rarity steals the spotlight. The rosy hue of this precious stone creates an image of beauty, made only more stunning by the striking veins running across it for added interest. Its delicate appearance adds further sophistication with patches white quartz completing a classy look that's sure to never go out of style! For those wanting something unique and perfect, 2CM Quartzite slabs are available in polished finish as well as custom finishes on request.
  • The Splendido Quartzite harbors striking hues that flawlessly exude class and sophistication, much like a fine glass of aged scotch. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

    Splendido Quartzite

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    The Splendido Quartzite harbors striking hues that flawlessly exude class and sophistication, much like a fine glass of aged scotch. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.   [spb_section spb_section_id="823761" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
  • Tempest Blue

    Tempest Blue

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    Quartzite is truly remarkable, an awe-inspiring metamorphic rock that has been crafted by Mother Nature. Its magical form was created through the immense pressure of Earth's crust, which took simple sandstone and transformed it into something extraordinary!
  • Verde Vivo Quartzite

    Verde Vivo

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    The stunning Verde Vivo Quartzite radiates a dazzling array of vivid greens, shimmering in the light. From sage to seafoam and teal hues, this exclusive gem is sure to leave onlookers envious with its mesmerizing beauty - an exquisite natural masterpiece!
  • Zermatt

    Zermatt Quartzite is nothing short of a royal presence, boasting a captivating combination of rosy hues and mysterious black veins. Its luxurious aura further accents the look with its subtle yet remarkable patches of white quartz - elevating any space from ordinary to exquisite. A polished finish comes standard but custom styles are also available at request for that extra special touch!
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