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Blanco Carrara BC02

Classtone Series

Blanco Carrara BC02
  • Blanco Carrara BC02 Neolith Countertop Ollin Stone


Inspired by real Carrara marbles from Italy, Blanco Carrara is the result of a meticulous selection process. TheSize in-house designers collate dozens of natural Carrara marbles around Italy and from each one, pinpoint the exact quality and characteristic that will be replicated in the Neolith slab. With this custom approach to designing, the final product is a truly unique entity, comprised of natural aesthetic elements and exclusive to Neolith – there is quite literally no natural stone like it.

To realistically portray the likeness to natural marbles and their unpredictability, two versions of Blanco Carrara have been created; one a more subtle portrayal of the veining and the other, a prominent, high-contrast version. Blanco Carrara is available in two thicknesses, 6mm and 12mm, and in two nishes, Décor Polished and Silk.

Additional Information

Slab Size

60″ X 125″

Slab Thickness

12mm, 6mm

Slab Finishes

Polished, Silk

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