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Multicolor Nero SB113

Agglotech Terrazzo

Multicolor Nero SB113

Multicolor Nero SB113

The base color of the Multicolor Nero SB113 is a deep, rich black that immediately commands attention. This dark canvas serves as the perfect backdrop for the vibrant dance of multicolored marble chips scattered across the surface. The contrast between the base and the chips creates a dynamic visual effect that is both dramatic and sophisticated.


The marble fragments themselves are varied in size and present an array of colors – crisp whites, warm browns, cool grays, and even more shades of black. Each chip contributes its unique shape and hue to the overall design, forming an intricate mosaic of colors and textures that captivates the eye.

Additional information

Country of Origin


Slab Finishes


Slab Size

56" X 100"

Slab Thickness


The base color of the Multicolor Grigio SB114 is an alluring shade of grey that exudes a sense of calm and sophistication. However, this neutral backdrop is far from monotonous. It serves as a canvas for a lively dance of multicolored marble chips that are scattered across the surface in a seemingly random yet artistically balanced pattern.

Agglotech Terrazzo Technical Data

Flexural strength≥ 10,60 MPa
Water absorption≤ 3,89 M%
Resistance to abrasion≤ 19,80 cm³/50cm²
Resistance to compression≥ 60 MPa
Breaking load≥ 3 kN
Slippage resistanceStandard R9
Frost resistanceClass 3/D
Fire resistanceA1fl fire resistant

Agglotech Safety Data Sheet

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