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Branco Classico

Limestone Tile & Slab

Branco Classico 24″x 24″, 24″ x 48″

Branco Classico 24″x 24″, 24″ x 48″

Limestone uses can infuse right into the walls of your home if you place tiles or stones against one or more walls in a room. Some people like to take limestones and stack them up the wall above a fireplace for a dramatic look.




    Limestone is a material that can be used to decorate any space. Tiles made of limestone have beautiful natural textures since they are made from minerals that naturally settle on the earth’s surface over thousands of years. The tiles can be used inside or out to give a finished, beautiful look to any space.

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    24"x24", 24"x48"

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    Brushed, Honed

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