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Shady Canyon Luxury — by Altera Landscape

Limestone by Ollin Stone

Shady Canyon Luxury — by Altera Landscape | Limestone by Ollin Stone

Not all fine works of art hang on walls – sometimes exquisite craftsmanship and artistry is found in the feel of smooth glass tiles that border sparkling blue water and rough limestone imported from the other side of the world. From there, the beauty extends from a thick carpet of green grass to expertly tailored foliage. One such masterpiece is 128 Canyon Creek, where the exterior landscaping and architecture is a portrait of Southern California luxury. Set against an arid mountain background, the lush green landscaping and glass-like infinity pool are an oasis of timeless allure and grace. Sun-drenched limestone imported by Ollin Stone is the foundation for this grandiose dream designed by award-winning landscaping designer Drew Sivals from AMS Landscaping Design, Inc. Every phase of this stunning project reflects an atmosphere of tranquil elegance. Surrounded by pristine limestone is a flawless infinity pool with a vanishing edge and trimmed with custom glass tile that melds with the cerulean water. Lounge areas surround the pool, including an outdoor fireplace and a custom-designed pergola that offers partial shading from the heat. An impressive outdoor kitchen allows for cooking and grilling under the sun and stars. Altera Landscaping crafted a paradise of green lawns and large specimen trees to accent the spectacular architecture perfectly. Drought-resistant plants blend the captivating design of 128 Canyon Creek with the surrounding scenery and will endure the dry weather without fading. The precision and artistry of this panorama is simply breathtaking.

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Altera Landscape
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