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Shady Canyon Luxury — by Altera Landscape

Limestone by Ollin Stone

Shady Canyon Luxury — by Altera Landscape | Limestone by Ollin Stone
Exquisite craftsmanship and artistry are in the smooth glass tiles. Set against an arid mountain background, the lush green landscaping and glass-like infinity pool are an oasis of timeless allure and grace. Sun-drenched limestone imported by Ollin Stone is the foundation for this impressive dream designed by award-winning landscaping designer Drew Sivals from AMS Landscaping Design, Inc.
Surrounded by pristine limestone is a flawless infinity pool with a vanishing edge trimmed. Lounge areas surround the pool, including an outdoor fireplace and a custom-designed pergola. An impressive outdoor kitchen allows for cooking and grilling under the sun and stars. Altera Landscaping crafted a paradise of green lawns and large specimen trees to accent the spectacular architecture perfectly. The precision and artistry of this panorama are breathtaking.

Ollin Stone Limestone Collection:…


Landscape Design and Video Credit:

Altera Landscape
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