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Statuario Extra

Marble Slab

Statuario Extra

Statuario Extra

The Statuario Extra marble slabs are a visual feast of elegance and grandeur. The canvas of these slabs is a pristine, milky white that radiates a sense of purity and sophistication. This dazzling white backdrop is dramatically adorned with bold veins of deep charcoal grey, forming an intricate network of patterns that are as unpredictable as they are beautiful.




Each vein is unique, dancing across the marble like abstract brush strokes on a minimalist painting. They traverse the expanse of the slab, sometimes straight, sometimes winding, creating a mesmerizing tableau of natural artistry. The contrast between the snowy white base and the intense grey veins is striking, adding depth and dimension to the marble’s surface.

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Our Statuario Extra is a marvel to behold. The backdrop is a canvas of pure, unblemished white, reminiscent of untouched snowfields under the Italian winter sun. It provides a striking contrast to the dramatic charcoal gray veining that sweeps across each slab. These veins, unique to each piece, are like strokes of an artist’s brush, creating a beautiful symphony of patterns that captivate the eye.
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