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Marble Slab

Panda Polished

Panda Polished

Available in a polished finish that enhances its natural beauty, this marble is not just a material but an artwork, ready to transform your space into a showcase of bold luxury and stylish sophistication.


Panda Marble is a fascinating expression of duality and contrast, with its striking white and black patterns that make an eye-catching statement.

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Embrace the allure of nature with our exquisite Panda Marble slabs. This natural stone is celebrated for its unique blend of vibrant color and dynamic pattern, resembling the beloved panda bear's fur. With finishes ranging from polished to leathered or honed, and the recommendation for sealing to ensure longevity, Panda Marble is as versatile as it is beautiful.
Crafted from the finest quality marble, this vanity boasts an arresting contrast of jet black and pristine white hues, a pattern that evokes the natural beauty and mystique of the panda. This striking juxtaposition not only draws the eye but also adds a layer of sophistication and depth to your bathroom design.
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