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  • Neolith Basalt Black Lava Countertop

    Basalt Black

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    Included in the Fusion collection, Basalt Black is inspired by basalt rock just like the other models in the Basalt range of the same collection. Basalt Black is a dark model rich in details and suitable for interior or exterior flooring and tiling.
  • Neolith Calatorao MOdern Brown Stone Countertops Ollin Stone


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    Calatorao is a grey limestone that has been extracted from the quarries of Calatorao (Zaragoza, Spain) for more than 2,000 years. It’s an ancient stone with an important history because it was used throughout the Iberian Peninsula for many monuments, churches, monasteries, palaces, sculptures, columns and baldachins.
  • Concrete Taupe Neolith Beton Ollin Stone

    Concrete Taupe

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    Following suit from one of the most popular décors from the 2015 Neolith launches, Concrete Taupe differentiates itself from its predecessor Beton with an all over brown wash of color and warmer tone. Appealing to industrial design trends, the slab tells a story of time with a worn out. The décor suggests that a natural rusting has occurred but with the addition of micro flakes to add the slightest sparkle, TheSize has updated, modernized and created another facet to the slab. Available in 6mm and 12mm in Silk finish, Concrete Taupe is a neutral décor ideal for a multitude of applications ranging from interior, exterior cladding and furniture.
  • Neolith Slate Countertops Flooring Tile Patio Ollin Stone Los ANgeles


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    Krater is a homage to natural slate. Having observed the legacy of this greyish stone as a material used to build some of the longest-lasting monuments in the world, including the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Neolith developed a unique, universally-attractive surface.
  • La Boheme Neolith Wood Panels
  • Neolith Mirage Limestone Churches Ollin Stone


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    Mirage captures the sober grandeur of medieval European churches and public buildings built with richly textured limestone. The new stone increases the contrast of the similarly-inspired Arena model to offer a richer and more pronounced texture.
  • Mont Blanc Countertops

    Mont Blanc

    , ,
    The pristine slopes of the French-Swiss Alps and the alpine glamour of one of the world’s most prestigious ski resorts, Chamonix, are the inspiration behind the rarefied Mont Blanc.
  • Nero Marquina Black Marble Neolith Ollin Stone Los Angeles

    Nero Marquina

    , ,

    Nero Marquina

    Neolith’s answer to a timeless monochromatic trend that transcends interior design, fashion, and architecture, this décor is an indispensable part of these introductions. Inspired by marble from Spain, Nero Marquina is a testament to the technical expertise present at TheSize. To achieve bright white veining on a pure black backdrop is a task testing enough on paper, but for a slab, a new technical avenue is entered. For this challenge, TheSize has developed an exclusive technique to achieve the stark contrast and distinct new lines. Available in Polished and Silk finishes and in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses, it is ideal for floors, walls, bathroom, and kitchen worktops, as well as furniture.
  • New york New York 2019 Neolith Countertops

    New York New York

    , ,
    The Big Apple, they say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, which is certainly the case with Neolith’s New York – New York. This visually appealing surface is influenced by the city’s infectious energy, its iconic avenues, and majestic skyscrapers.  
  • Pulpis Moresco Brown Marble Neolith
  • Neolith Terrazo Retrostone Design Ollin Stone


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    Retrostone is an elegant surface with an eye-catching close grain effect, inspired by the traditional terrazzo. It’s a stone with a long and ancient history with examples that date back to 9,000 BC. Perfected by Venetian quarry workers in the 15th century, this production method creates a hypnotizing kaleidoscope effect.
  • Strata Argentum

    Strata Argentum

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    Strata Argentum is inspired by Ocean Silver travertine, with its vein-cut design it has a modern look that supports most architectural elements. Strata Argentum is great for all indoor and outdoor applications.
  • ZAha Stone Neolith Ollin Stone Los Angeles

    Zaha Stone

    , ,
    Neolith takes you on a trip to Iran with this contemporary twist on Iranian Gray Stone. The Neolith design incorporates a richer, industrial gray tone, with white veins, etched onto the backdrop in contradicting directions. This slab pays tribute to the recently deceased and incredibly talented Zaha Hadid, a true inspiration to the architectural community. This slab is the most daring model produced in 2017 and for that reason, is a nod of recognition from TheSize to the legacy left behind by Hadid. Available in 6mm and 12mm and in Silk finish, the Persian-inspired stone is the statement piece of these new introductions.
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