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Neolith 2019


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  • Mar Del Plata Neolith 2019 Marble Grey

    Mar Del Plata

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    Inspired by the exotic Dark Pearl granite, a Brazilian stone from TheSize, this stylish, rippled slab incorporates wavy white quartz stripes on a grey backdrop. With a slated stone relief, the slab offers a mesmerizingly aqueous resembling of fluidity akin to flowing water evoking the flow of a mighty South American river.
  • Mont Blanc Countertops

    Mont Blanc

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    The pristine slopes of the French-Swiss Alps and the alpine glamour of one of the world’s most prestigious ski resorts, Chamonix, are the inspiration behind the rarefied Mont Blanc.
  • New york New York 2019 Neolith Countertops

    New York New York

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    The Big Apple, they say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, which is certainly the case with Neolith’s New York – New York. This visually appealing surface is influenced by the city’s infectious energy, its iconic avenues, and majestic skyscrapers.  
  • Neolith Sofia Cuprum Iron Series Texture FAcade Ollin Stone

    Sofia Cuprum

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    The semi-polished finish of this stone creates an irregular and burnished effect that gives the surface a more worn look and touch. The surface will be presented to the public with two finishes, “Copper” and “Moss”.
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