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Neolith Sinks

Integral and minimalist design in the Kitchen

Neolith conceived the world of cooking as an environment in which coexist design and functionality, elegance and durability. The Neolith Kitchen Lounge line provides a more comprehensive and minimalist kitchen incorporating the Neolith Sinks, made of the same material as the kitchen countertop. Neolith Sinks, an element of extraordinary features that presents an integrated and functional kitchen concept.


Neolith Sinks

Available in all colors upon request

Available Sizes

400mm X 400mm (15.748″ X 15.748″)
450mm x 400mm (17.7165″ X 15.748″)
500mm x 400mm (19.685″ X 15.748″)
730mm x 390mm (28.7402″ X 15.3543″)

Neolith Iron Moss Undermount Sink Los Angeles

Neolith Undermount Sinks

Available Finishes

Neolith Satin Sinks

Satin Finish

A completely matte finish. Extremely durable and ideal for commercial applications.

Neolith Sink Silk Finish

Silk Finish

Matte finish with a thin layer of glaze that provides a subtle shine and a nice soft touch. A surface finish that is extremely easy to clean.

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