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Neolith Furniture

Unbeatable Design and Resistance

SKINTOUCH is the Neolith interior line. An architectural skin capable of dressing up any space where it is used. Another main use for Neolith is in the furniture coating sector as it makes for the creation of exclusive furniture with unbeatable design and resistance. The low weight due to the thinness means Neolith is an easy-to-handle material. It’s the ideal complement for coating metal or wood structures, giving pieces of furniture great added value as far as the look and resistance. Neolith SKINTOUCH also offers more than 50 models in different finishes to satisfy all types of tastes, needs and trends for any owner, interior designer or architect anywhere in the world. A rich chromatic repertory of neutral and striking colors; and designs inspired by natural, industrial elements like wood, metal, fabric and marble.

Neolith: Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability


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