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New Neolith For 2018

Nature and Technology:
A closer relationship than ever

Neolith 2018 Collection


Retrostone is an elegant surface with a striking, big-grain effect based on Terrazzo, a stone with a long and ancient history, with examples dating back as far as 9,000 BC.

Perfected by Venetian stonemasons in the 1500s, this production method produces a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic effect.


The Luna by Neolith color comes in the Nanotech finish, which makes for a pale grey surface with a delicate shine. It’s a balanced and sophisticated model which opens the doors to an infinite number of chromatic combinations. Available in 6 and 12 mm thicknesses.


Bombón by Neolith is known for its light brown tone. It’s a warm color that brings distinction as it comes in the Nanotech shiny finish. This nature-evoking color is very versatile since it can be perfectly combined with neutral colors to create relaxed atmospheres or with brighter tones to liven up an area. Available in 6 and 12 mm thicknesses.


Krater is a homage to natural Soapstone. Looking to this smoky stone’s legacy as the material used to construct some of the world’s most enduring monuments, including Rio de Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer, Neolith has developed a unique surface with universal appeal.


Mirage captures the understated grandeur of Europe’s medieval churches and public buildings, constructed from richly textured sandstone. The new stone turns up the contrast on Neolith’s similarly sand-inspired Arena, to offer a richer and more pronounced texture.


Calatorao is a distinctive, fine-grained limestone which has been hewn from the world-famous quarries of Zaragoza, Spain, for over 2000 years. An ancient stone with a rich history of use across the Iberian Peninsula, from Baroque churches and town square cobbling to highly-polished flooring and interior walls, Neolith has faithfully captured Calatarao's lustrous golden veining and intensely dark grey color which characterizes the stone.

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