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Laguna Luxury Residence — Neolith Iron Corten

Interior / Exterior Panels

Laguna Luxury Residence — Neolith Iron Corten

Today we’re in Laguna Beach, home to some of the best surf, food, and art in all of SoCal and today we will be looking at a luxurious custom home. This marvelous home sits atop one of the highest points in Laguna with a stunning view overlooking the beach that is sure to take your breath away. This completely custom build was designed by Pinnacle Residential in Mission Viejo alongside The Last Layer located Rancho Santa Margarita. AOC Stone in Anaheim fabricated and installed all of the Neolith slabs for this custom project.

Neolith Iron Corten 6mm Satin Slabs were used on the exterior facades and on the interior fireplace surround. Due to Neolith’s durability to be used indoors and outdoors, making this the perfect go-to material for this project. Since Neolith is 100% natural and completely UV stable, there is no need to worry about the color fading due to intense UV rays or deteriorating due to the salty air. The decision to use Neolith on the interior fireplace surround was made due to its high heat and fire resistance and also gave the homeowners peace of mind knowing it would not emit any toxic fumes or gases. Stay tuned for more upcoming projects, and more information on our materials or to order your samples, see the link in the description below.

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    Iron Corten

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    Inspired by red oxide, the Iron Corten model is the warmest of the Iron Collection, offering an explosion of color to all kinds of spaces. Iron Corten transmits personality and remains intact over time. A daring proposal due to the strong orange tones inherent to iron oxide in combination with that special metallic touch. Sample Price $3.50   [spb_section spb_section_id="823761" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]
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