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Afters Ice Cream — Neolith Estatuario and Nero Marquina


Afters Ice Cream — Neolith Estatuario and Nero Marquina

Today we’re visiting Afters Ice Cream shop in Orange California. The Orange Circle was originally founded in 1891 by Alfred Chapman and Andrew Glassell and has become a rich and historic part of the city that attracts thousands of locals weekly. Afters Ice Cream is known for its handcrafted ice cream and signature flavors. Afters Ice Cream has now opened it’s doors to the newest of over 20 locations which was designed by Randy Sanchez at State College Distributors and fabricated and installed by Kona Stone both located here in Orange County.

Neolith Estatuario Silk 6mm slabs were used for the face on the wrap around counter and Neoliths Nero Marquina Silk 12mm slabs were used for the dine-in bartops. Combining two classic marble looks creates a unique contrast that is sure to catch your eye. In addition to the beauty of the material, the choice to use Neolith is also in favor of its extreme durability. It’s near zero porosity makes it easy to clean, highly stain resistant and fully hygienic making it a safe eating space for customers.

Randy Sanchez with State College Distributors:

Kona Stone:

Neolith is distributed by:
Ollin Stone
301 E Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone: 714 535 0800

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