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When Bigger Is Better:
The Dramatic Look of Large-Format Tiles

If you want to enhance the atmosphere of your home with a dramatic upgrade, consider installing large-format tiles for any room of your house.

When Bigger Is Better: The Dramatic Look of Large-Format Tiles

Go Big for Your Home: The Dramatic Look of Large-Format Tiles

Large-format tiles, once only seen in commercial venues like hotels and restaurants, have made the welcome transition to residential homes. The reason? Larger tiles actually create a smooth look and a sense of spaciousness to the home. Bring a dramatic look to your kitchen or bathroom with little effort — and have less grout to clean!

Large Format Cohiba Limestone Porcelain Tiles Outdoor Indoor

24″ X 48″ Cohiba Limestone Tiles — Design by @alteralandscape

Large-Format Tiles Defined 

Large-format tiles are, as the name suggests, large tile squares typically made from porcelain, stone, or glass and measuring a minimum of 12” x 24”. Tiles are considered “large-format” if one side measures more than 15 inches. Tiles can run anywhere from 24” x 48” to over 5’ x 10’. 


The tiles can actually be installed on both floors and walls. As a wall covering, they may be a more durable option to wallpaper or paint. And with tile walls, you do not have to worry about repainting or removing stains — tiles are easier to maintain.


Large-format tiles create a clean, sleek aesthetic that works well with both modern and traditional decor.  But they can also work well with traditional decor. With digital printing, the tiles can look like natural stone, concrete, metal, wood and even fabric.


Things to Consider

The primary benefit for choosing large-format tiles is the reduced visual interruption, which may be a particularly important feature for homeowners who are considering patterned tiles. Fewer grout lines are another benefit of large-format tiles since this also means less grout cleaning.


There are a few aspects you should consider before settling on large-format tiles:

  1. Costly installation — larger tiles require special care to avoid any mishaps (scratches, broken tiles) and possibly more individuals to complete the work (added labor costs).
  2. Floors and/or walls must be perfectly flat. Any discrepancy beyond 1/8in over 10 linear feet may cause an uneven surface.


Check with your contractor regarding the overall viability of installing large-format tiles. Some floors may be too uneven to benefit from the larger tiles.

A Few Good Tips (for Large-Format Tiles)

Large-format tiles can be a great benefit for your home but as an aesthetically pleasing feature and an important investment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding where to tile:


  • Large-format tiles work best in open spaces because of the reduced visibility issue. The eye is drawn away from the numerous grout lines and can focus on other decors. 


  • Matching grout color is best — it positively affects visibility and exudes a spacious atmosphere.  Contrasting grout color can make the room feel disjointed and choppy.


  • The larger tiles can also work in small spaces, especially if the tile covers both the floor and the walls — this option creates an illusion of a larger, longer space. The unified look of the matching color gives the room more depth. 


  • Dark colors and busy patterns can shrink the size of a smaller room. Instead, opt for lighter, less-patterned tiles.


  • Large-format tiles can be customized in shape and size for a one-of-a-kind floor. Keep in mind that too many undersized cuts may mean that your tile selection is too large for the room.


  • There are many different patterns, colors, and finishes to choose from with large format tiles to create a customized look in your home.


Please Note: The average cost of large-format tiles can run between $7 and $30 per square foot. This price is fairly comparable to smaller, “regular-sized” tiles. 


If you want to enhance the atmosphere of your home with a dramatic upgrade, consider installing large-format tiles for any room of your house.

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