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Neolith Applications Aimed at the Hospitality Sector

Paris, France

Neolith Applications Aimed at the Hospitality Sector

Neolith shows its applications aimed at the Hospitality sector in Equip’Hotel

The hotel sector takes center stage this November at the sector fair, Equip’Hotel, which takes place in the city of Paris in the Porte de Versailles, France. Neolith® invites you to visit its stand from 11 to 15 November in Hall 4, Stand B052 and discover its applications.

Neolith Commercial Applications LEED Green Ollin Stone Bath

One of the main export destinations of the hospitality industry for Spanish companies in France. Neolith® could not miss this appointment to show with attractive interior design the diverse applications offered by our Sintered Stone surface. The versatility of Neolith® allows the architecture industry, design, interior design, and decoration to carry out solutions of high quality and beauty indescribable as the kitchen, bathroom, furniture, Wall cladding, pavement, ventilated facades, and furniture design.

Neolith Hotel Calacatta Design Ollin Stone

Which models of Neolith were the chosen ones?
On stand you can appreciate the functionality of Neolith® in the design of the bed and the headboard made of Calacatta Polished and La Bohème. The bathroom was designed by covering the walls of Calatorao and with the floor of La Bohème. It does not cease to impress how the lining of the cabinets is integrated with Bonbon Nanotech to all the surroundings, and the majestic work table of more than 4m made with our Invisible Joints System (Infinity System).

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